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Good morning,


My .btw template in Bartender 6.12 is reading from a text file with field names in the first record.


I have about 5 barcodes that are updated from fields in this text file.


In the Data Sources and Database Setup dialogs, all field names are detected and assigned correctly.


When I print, these barcodes are updated successfully.


But I get this error:



Error Message #3201
An object on the label was set in the Data Source dialog to read in the field "Databasefile.Field 1". However, this field was not found. Proceed with unknown fields as blank strings?
If I click "Yes", everything works fine, the barcode looks perfect, and there are no blank strings. But this obviously breaks up our workflow and I don't like having errors.
Databasefile is the name of my text database. There is no "Field 1" -- all my fields have different names. The template was given to me by our customer, so it's possible "Field 1" is a remnant from something they did.
I've looked at every single object, including the ones with Screen Data as sources, and I can't find any reference to "Field 1". I've also reset every single object to Screen Data and back to my database to make sure.
Is there a way to find out exactly which object is trying to read this field? Or maybe there is another setting I am missing?
Thanks in advance,


Ian Cummings
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I would have done exactly as you have described.  Assuming that you didn't just overlook something, maybe a field reference in a hidden VB script or something, then you might be best off just recreating the label design from scratch.

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You're right. The culprit was actually a barcode that was 45 inches off of the label to the right.


How I discovered this: I selected all visible objects and deleted them, then pressed Ctl + A to select all remaining objects.


Then I used a menu option to view the properties for the selected item, and found its position measurements.


After deleting it, everything works fine.


Thanks again!

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