Prints Fine For Shorter Skus And Shows On Preview But No Barcode On Label Follow

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Using Bartender version 10.1 SR1 Pro I am having an issue with the barcodes printer printing the barcode while the print preview looks just fine.  This is only on longer SKUs meaning that the SKUs that have 6 digits print to the printer exactly as they are on the screen but when the SKU gets longer the barcode does not make it to the printer.

Using MS SQL 2008 R2, and everything apprears to work just fine, the problem is experienced using the same document just different SKUs.

Any suggestions will be appreciated



Domingo Rodriguez
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What bar code standard are you choosing to print your SKU number? Is it EAN-13 perhaps?


To which printer make and model are you printing to? If you're printing to a thermal printer, make sure to install a Seagull driver for your printer:


Also, when using a Seagull printer driver, open the properties for the bar code, choose the "Symbology and Size" pane on the left and now click on the "Print Method..." button and change the print method for your bar code to be controlled by BarTender.


Furthermore, under the "File > Print" dialog, select the "Performance" tab and now disable all printer optimizations as a test. Will the bar code then be printed with larger SKUs?

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