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I recently replaced my old Bartender PC and the new one is running Windows 7 x64, using Bartender 8.01. I've installed the software and set up the 32-bit ODBC/database settings. I'm having some issues with browsing articles in the database. Whenever I browse for articles (either through Database Settings, Preview/Printing/etc) I get the following error:


[Microsoft]Drivrutin för ODBC Microsoft Access] För få parametrar angavs. 1 förväntades

Fel 07001: Fel antal parametrar

Fel på datakälla: -3010


Roughly translated this would be "Wrong number of parameters, Expected 1". However, if I go to Database Settings and hit Update I can then browse just fine, at least until the software is restarted.


I've tried mucking around with ODBC-settings, like adding a x64 Microsoft Access Driver, also stuff like compability settings/administrative rights/UAC, but so far nothing has worked.


Since the software version is pretty old I guess that could explain it having issues with a x64 installation. Either way I'm stuck, any help would be appriciated.


Ian Cummings
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It should be noted that BarTender v8.01 is not officially Windows 7 compatible.  This might well be one of the problems.  If you recreate the database connection from scratch does that help.  Or does it work in a new label altogether?  If not I can't help you.

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