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I am currently working with a Bartender 10 Enterprise Automation in my company. Right now I have to solve the following issue:

I have an Excel List with data in for example 4 columns:




that is connected as Datasource to a label.


In the excel, there can be multiple entries for each material number with  different infos.

It may look like this:







in the example the "|" is the excel column (there is no real "|" information it's only to show here the structure of the excel and that there is a column separator).

There can be n Entries for each Material number  and n may differ from one material number to another - so I need to set a single label design.


What I need:

Before Print, it is possible to select the data you want to print - here using a material number as key- via a query that you can set in the database options of the label (in my German Version you define that in "Datenbankeinstellungen -> Abfrage").


The problem is that you have to know what you have to enter when you start the print and the query is displayed - because it's a simple textfield.

I need a dropdown selection there instead of the textfield that lets me select the "distinct" (not two times 0815) values for the materials that exist in the database like

Dropdown List Item 1: 0815

Dropdown List Item 2: 0816


And if I choose for example "0815", everything that has Materialnumber 0815 (in our example 2 datasets) is printed one after another (in this case on 2 labels, like when I would use the query with "0815").


I saw the Fruit example but that's another case that doesn't solve the problem I have.

Can you please help?

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