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Please help me with this
I have downloaded and installed the bartender latest trial version( ver 10) . The 30 day trial period have not expired yet. when i input barcode data bartender randomly changes a character in each printed barcode.

I had a previous version of bartender intalled ( Version 7) but this has been uninstalled now.

Since we are planning to buy a license i need to figure out this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.


Domingo Rodriguez
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Is this character (the one which changes randomly) always the latest character / digit? If yes, this is the check digit, which is automatically calculated by BarTender.

If this is not the check digit what you're refering to, then please get in contact with our tech-support department by email (you will see the contact details on our website), send your BarTender document (.btw), a screenshot of the "Help > About" screen from BarTender and also a scanned print of what bar code data gets printed for the data you've entered.

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