Printing To Multiple Printers From The Same Document And Pausing The Printer After X Number Of Labels Follow

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When we had one zebra printer I liked to control the printer from the driver and store its settings with each document. Since we acquired a 2nd printer I find this an inefficient method since every time I switch printers using the same document I keep having to reset the driver settings. I now rely on saving the settings on each printer. Is there a way to save multiple driver settings in the same document. the printer models are z170xi3 and z170xi4.


finally, I would like to know if there is a way to pause the printer (via  Bartender) after a specific quantity of printed labels when printing from a range of database records. for example, each record requires 3000 labels, each roll has 3000 labels plus some spares. I want to avoid printing the next record in the range on these spare labels. Pausing the printer after 3000 labels would allow me to change the rolls....


Ian Cummings
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BarTender documents only hold a single set of printer driver configuration.  However, the two models you mention are pretty much interchangeable with the settings able to transfer from one to another.  Are you using a Seagull printer driver for each model, or are you perhaps using a driver from another vendor somewhere?


In the BarTender  "Page Setup" dialog under the "Media Handling" tab you can set the printer to pause a specific event you specify.  Again, make sure a Seagull printer driver is in use for both printers.

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