Question On Upgrade Bartender Version 10.10 Automation Follow


Dear Technical support staff,


Can you confirm the following statement from Carla Soto Flores from Seagull Scientific to be true so that we do not need to go from PC to PC to run the same activation process.


You should always upgrade the computer hosting the Seagull License Server first. Other BarTender
installations can automatically pull their activation from the running License Server over your network, saving you an extra step during installation.

Thank you,



Ian Cummings
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I presume you mean Raul Soto Flores...?


The gist of what is quoted is correct.


When upgrading an Automation edition you should always upgrade the License Server first.  It should be noted that older BarTender versions can obtain printer licenses from newer License Servers, but not the other way around.  This helps to minimize interruption when upgrading the software.  With License Server already upgraded, you can then set about upgrading each of the BarTender clients with the newer software, in your own time, inputting the new PKC to activate the client as prompted.

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