Updgrading Bartender From V9 To V11 Follow


Hi There


We are in the process of updating our BarTender Software from Version 9 to Bartender 2016.


Our retailer for this software has noted the following to us


"BT Enterprise has been replaced by BT
Automation. Automation has all the same features as Enterprise, plus all the
features of Enterprise RFID. Licencing is exactly the same. ALL existing
formats will work with BT 11. You need to open each format in v11.0, and then
save it, to update the format details."


I am trying to ask is it really necessary to open each format in V11 and re-save the file or can we not just continue to use the current files and print without having to re-save. What issue could happen if we do not re-save the label in V11? As we have over 1000 files, which we use by the operators opening the file, entering in the prompt information, printing and close (they do not have access to save, hence saving the file as we print is not a option).







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There shouldn't be an issue I dont think. You can get a problem when going the other way round if you are using features from a later version and saving it as an older one, but I haven't come across any problems with any of the upgrades I have been involved with.

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