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I'm having issues when trying to reprint a label through the reprint console.  I'm getting the message that says "The original printer used to print the desired items(s) is unavailable. Please select another printer."  If you select the drop down box local printers show up but no network printers that are on a windows print server show up.


Automation Version 10 SR4 running on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard [x64]


We have this setup on a server using commander to print the jobs and then trying to use reprint console to reprint the label.


We have added the user account that's running our bartender system service and the commander service to our domain admin group yet we still have the same issue with the reprint console not having access to any of the network printers. 


When Bartender was first installed it was setup to use local system account and then was changed after the fact.  Should I uninstall and re-install and specify the user account with domain admin access.  Is there something in the install that is different when specifying local versus a specific user account?



Any pointers on what steps to try next would be great!









Ian Cummings
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I take it that the reprint of the original print job is to be performed from the same computer?


Are the network installed printers actually installed on the PC where you wish to perform the reprint?


You don't need to have an admin account specified.  A user account that has adequate permissions over the printer, BTSDB, file, and folder resources will suffice.

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im having the same issue 

yes its the same computer from where im trying to print and i do have the printer installed locally

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