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Hi there.

I have installed Bartender Automation Enterprise 9.4 and Seagull License Server on a desktop. I used Zebra 105SL printer to help with my printing.So far, everything is fine. I was thinking to install the same Bartender to another desktop which is also using another Zebra 105SL printer for printing.Both are standalone desktop which has its own label to print.Question is will it work and able to print? As i understand that my Bartender Automation Enterprise is for one user to 3 printers.

Will i also need to install Seagull License Server for the new desktop? Or i can add the printer name through the license server that i installed on my previous desktop?I am very confuse about this licensing stuff.

Hope someone can explain to me what i need to do. Any help would be much appreciated.


Fernando Ramos Miracle
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With your license you will be able to install BarTender on as many machines as you see fit as long as they can communicate with the Seagull License Server (SLS), which can only be installed and activated on a single computer at any given time.

If you are working with standalone computers you'll need a new license for each computer as they won't be able to communicate with the SLS.

For more information on printer based licenses please take a look at the following white papers:

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