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When I'm trying to install Bartender Suite 9.4 SR3 build 2781, I get the Installation Error 'There was an error starting the "BarTender System Service' (please, see the attached file #1). Installation is on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2. with .Net 2.0 Framework SP2 installed. I should specify, I'm domain user with local administrator rights.

I have also noticed the .Net Runtime error in the event/application log. (Please see attached file #2).

Next, I tried was to register the btsystem.service myself. And the application through the execption (Please see attached file #3).

I tried several other options with different users, no success.

One more thing I did not see $Bartender_Security$ user being created. Does this matter?

Any ideas?


Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Could you try creating the service through a command line interface?

Open a command line dialog and write the following:
Sc.exe create “BarTender System Service” binPath= ”c:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite\BtSystem.Service.exe”

Put special attention on the blank space needed after the binPath= parameter
A restart of the computer might be needed.

More details under:

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