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Hey There,


We just recently purchased 2x Bartender 10.10 Automation (3 Licenses each) and also an Upgrade v10 - v10.10 of Automation for another site. So thats 3 Keys.


I am going to deploy from SCCM and have looked at the silent installation instructions as all seems pretty simple.


I do have some questions before I start:


1) Can I deploy out 10.10 without the PKC as we have a licensing server?

2) Can I just skip the upgrade and use the 10.10 so that I have one installer , rather then 3 packages.


Thanks in advance!




Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello g-fx,


1. In order for BarTender to connect to the Seagull License Server (SLS) it needs to be activated, a non activated BarTender client will work on Trial mode. So yes, you'll need to include the Product Key Code (PKC) alongside BarTender when performing the silent install.


2. At the end you've got three licenses for the same software, so the installer should be the same. The only difference will be the PKC used to activate each client.



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