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After reading through some documentation I just want to confirm installation steps given our environment...


We have purchased Automation Edition (v 10.10) with 10 printer license. We have a Citrix environment with multiple Citrix servers.


I believe that I install the SLS on a single networked machine, correct? (I'm just slightly confused because I read that only the Enterprise Automation edition can log to central DB - but I believe that is just for the logging features and not related to SLS, correct?)


I then install the BarTender suite (not including SLS) on each of our Citrix servers and point them to the single SLS? And do I use up an activation for each?


And if I wanted to enable logging or any of the other features that require a DB, then I would need to install a DB on each of my Citrix servers?








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Thank you very much for your post.


About your questions:


1. Yes, SLS should be installed and ativated on a single networked machine. The system database is only for logging features and not related to SLS.


2. Yes, you will need to install BarTender in as many client computers as you need and activate it.


3. As only Enterprise Automation allows to use a centralized System Database you will need to setup System Database on each client computer.


4. Please note that it's very important to install SLS Remote Assistant on your client computer


If you have any further question please check our White Paper:





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