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This is sort of a long story so please bare with me.


My company purchased Bartender 10 in late May, early June 2013.

License Server was installed on to a server machine, a few computers had Bartender installed and everything was working fine.

Last month, September, our server's RAID failed and we contacted our reseller to inquire what need to be done.

Our reseller had us fill out a seagull scientific form to apply for reinstallation or something along that line.

That form was processed and authorization was given a few days later. 

And this was when our reseller informed us that we've used up all our reactivation quota.

I found it very puzzling because I'm fairly certain, I've only installed license server once before our server died.

I asked our reseller and they told us that Seagull Scientific's records shows that after the initial installation, we activated it 2 more times a few days after the initial installation back in June of 2013.

In fact, we activated twice within 15 minutes.

Since it's been over a year, I decided not to dwell on this issue.

Since reactivaton was authorized, I reinstalled license server on to our server and everything was working fine.

We were able to print from multiple computers to the barcode printer.

Until last thursday (Oct. 16), our workers informed me that they couldn't print barcodes.

I checked our server to find that it was requesting activation. I tried reactivating and activation was rejected showing error # 1037.

I contacted our reseller again and they says they will check with Seagull Scientific (I presume the Taiwan office, since my company is in Taiwan).

After some back and forth, I think my reseller and/or Seagull Scientific believes one of the following:

1. I'm lying and installing license server on multiple computers

2. Someone at my company uninstalled and reinstalled license server from my server leading to over activation


After some thinking, my hypothesis is that when converting trial bartender to nontrial status, something happens that causes reactivation of license server.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind is that I'm crazy or that I'm just plain lying.

But please give me the benefit of the doubt.

The reason I believe there is something wrong is because when my server crashed on 2014/9/4, I had to install a trial version on a computer (Computer #1) just so we can make shipments.

On 2014/9/12, I was informed by my reseller that reactivation was authorized, on 2014/9/15 I then reinstalled license server to my server.

But I waited a couple days before reinstalling bartender on Computer #1.

I'm 99% sure that license server was NOT installed on to Computer #1.

Plus my reseller informs me that Seagull Scientific's records show last activation was 2014/9/14 (I presume because of time difference).

On Oct. 16, exactly one month after reactivation, everything stops working on all computers.

If license server reactivation was successful (as my reseller informs me, it is), I should have 1 working license server.

I'm 100% sure I don't have a working license server, because I had to find another computer to install trial version and it did not detect a working license server.


I believe this was also the cause to the double reactivation in June of 2013. Because before we got our purchased Bartender, we had a couple of trial bartender running for testing purpose.

After we got the purchased Bartender and had installed License server, I had to point the trial version to the license server.

Unfortunately, I don't remember what I did to point them to the license server.


My company is now stuck with a legally purchased Bartender that we can't use. I hope Seagull Scientific can give us the benefit of the doubt and look into this matter and hopefully redeem us. Thank you.


Ian Cummings
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In such cases it is best to contact technical support directly by telephone or email for your region, as details such as the Product Key Code should not be shared in a public forum post.


On this occasion there seems to have been a miscommunication between us, the reseller, and the end-user.  We are working to resolve this issue amicably.

Susan Chen
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Hello: Mr. Chow:


          As Asia office had been communicating with you a couple days ago for few emails and phone calls, we are really sorry for the miscommunication. Our Reseller main contact was off and the deputy was not completely aware of the clear situation. We had clarified with our reseller and with you. 


If you encounter problems in the future, please feel free to contact us at or call us as stated in the email, Sorry for the inconvenience. 



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After Seagull asia office's clarification and reinstalling License Server, things are back to normal. However, we still don't know why License Server became deactivated in the first place.

I waited a month respond because we blocked Seagull's IP to make sure none of our computers have access to mistakenly register with Seagull.

Thank you Seagull customer service for your assistance.

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