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My company is using the Bartender 7.51 suite in a Remote Desktop environment but a 9.3 license server and it runs fine. We are in the process of upgrading to 10.1 and in order to run a testing pilot group we would like to install and activate the 10.1 license server on the same server that runs the current 9.3 license server (Server A).

Can you confirm the best practice method of accomplishing this ?

My preferred way would be to install the 10.1 suite also on Server A, then deactivate the 9.3 license server and activate the 10.1 license server. This way all production printers would still get a valid license without me having to change anything for the users. I have over 70 active printers so manually changing license servers isn´t really an option.

So is it possible to install two versions of Bartender on the same server and then deactivate/activate the different versions to flip seamlessly over to the new version ? Or do I need a new server for the new version ?

Quick response really appreciated as I´ve been set a rather tight deadline for this upgrade from my managers.


Domingo Rodriguez
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No, you cannot install 2 BarTender / or Seagull License Server versions on the same Computer Server.


What you could do is either install the 10.1 License Server on a separate server, or upgrade the 9.3 Seagull License Server (deactivate SLS previously) to the 10.1 Version and activate it (BT v7.51 clients should also be able to still contact the 10.1 SLS if they're on the same LAN). This will give you time to upgrade the BT clients to the 10.1 version.

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