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Currently using trial of automation version.  Initially installed the 64 bit version, and was using the seagull medical device symbol library.  I discovered i should have installed the 32 bit version to be compatible with my 32 bit excel program.  I uninstalled the 64 bit version, and installed the 32 bit version, and found that the seagull medical device symbol library is not present.  The other Seagull libraries are there (ADR, electrical, emergency, etc...) as far as I know it's just this one missing.  Is there a way to load the library?  When I authenticate bartender will I have access to this library?




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It is just a font file I believe and so if you can get hold of a copy then you should just be able to install it on to your machine. If you install the trial on another machine then you should be able to just copy it across from there. Or perhaps if you try a repair on the install maybe that will install it this time.

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