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As I mentioned in another post, I'm new to Librarian. I am just doing testing now in order to understand how files affect my database storage space.


If I add files to Librarian, and then check on my system database size, obviously "Librarian Data" has gone up. However, if I remove the files and "Purge All Deleted Items", the size does not revert back to the original, there is still some extra space being taken up by something.


I assume I'm just missing a step or it's something I don't understand about SQL. Is there another maintenance step I need to take if I want to fully free up data from purged Librarian files?


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Any ideas on this? I have even purged the entire system database, and yet I have 46mb of Librarian data counting against me. Even though I have 0 files in Librarian at the moment. This would not be a sustainable format as obviously our system database can't go above a certain size under the SQL Express setup.

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