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Reading Document Properties In C# 4.0


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    Shotaro Ito
    [quote name='mprimus' timestamp='1320334762' post='960']
    i have to show:
    -space between labels
    -name plus size of label
    of a given label/printer
    if i work in bartender i can see all data under printer-document properties

    where can i find this data programatically?

    WorkingVersion: 9.2 SR2 .NET C#4

    best regards

    Hi mario - sorry for late reply,
    Unfortunately BarTender or seagull driver don't have capability to return such a parameter to calling application.
    You can get supported paper size in a printer from
    [url=""]PrinterSettings.PaperSizes Property[/url]
    However I don't think this is what you wanted.

    One thing you can do is Create preset in driver. You can set Media, sensor, gap info etc in printing preferences, then save to a preset. Then Create custom stock (paper size), then associate with the preset.
    When you specify the custom stock from application, the associated preset setting will be loaded.
    With this you can have some control of printer settings from application.

    Hope that helps.

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