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I think found a bug. I make a Label with several fields (one RFiD-Tag, one Barcode, 11 Text-Fields). 2 Textfields are "non printable" and "do not show in print preview". If I make the preview in Bartender these two objects aren't shown. If I use my .net- program and export the preview to a file these two fieds [b]are included[/b] ( = shown)!
I use "format.ExportImageToFile(Path.Combine(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(), "PrintPreview.jpg"), ImageType.JPEG, Seagull.BarTender.Print.ColorDepth.ColorDepth24bit, new Resolution(picPreview.Width * 2, picPreview.Height * 2), OverwriteOptions.Overwrite);"

If I use "format.ExportImageToClipboard(..)" these 2 fields are also included.

What's the problem? How can I avoid showing these 2 fields?

Edition: Automation (3 Printers)
Version: 10.0
Build: 2821



Gene Henson
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You are correct. This is a bug. It was previously identified and we are working to fix it, but I can't give you an specific time frame for the fix at this point.

As far as what you can do now, the best workaround we have come up with is using Vb-scripting to modify the objects at print time. For information on how to do this you can reference the BarTender help system under "Visual Basic Scripting" and then "Scripting Objects". You could either move the object off the label using the Objects X and Y coordinates, or you could set the objects color property to be the same color as your label (usually white). Let us know if you need help with that. You can also contact your closest office for a little more guidance on setting that up.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


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