Eventmonitor.getevents Ipc Errors Follow

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When I print a file using the Seagull "LabelPrint" sample application, the label I'm trying to print does come out of the printer, but LabelPrint gives me this message:

[quote]Print Failed


BarTender successfully sent the print job to the spooler.

Job Name: Label Print
Label Format: MyLabel.btw
Printer: \\MyServer\MyPrinter

Job Status

Printer: \\MyServer\MyPrinter
Job ID: 61
Status: Unknown
Description: Print job status is unknown because the Printer Maestro Service is not installed on the computer the printer is attached to.

And the Debug Output window shows this:

[code]LabelPrint.vshost.exe Error: 0 : EventMonitor.GetEvents
Socket exception while connecting to MYSERVER.
Exception message: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

In another environment I'm getting this error:
[code]Error EventMonitor.GetEvents Computer Name = OTHERSRV
Exception Message: Failed to connect to an IPC Port: The system cannot find the file specified.

I'm guessing that both of these errors are caused by Printer Maestro not being installed. Is there some way I can call [code]LabelFormatDocument.Print[/code] and have it not try to do anthing with Printer Maestro? Or is there some other way I can fix or avoid or suppress these errors?

To our customer, looking at our log files, it appears that we are doing something wrong.

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