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Here is my scenario, hopefully someone can tell me if it is possible.


I am creating an ASP.NET web site which will use the Bartender SDK (I assume Print Server SDK) to handle printing some labels that we have created. I will be printing these labels on a client printer using javascript and the ActiveX BartenderPRintClient.dll.  That works great when Bartender is installed on the same machine as the web server.  The problem I have run into is my organization likes to have things seperate.  They want (and already have) Bartender installed on a different server.  I need to know whether I can connect to that  other instance of Bartender using the .NET SDK and have it provide me the raw print data when given a template etc.  


All the examples I have seen all have bartender running on the same machine as the web application.  Is this even possible?



Ian Einman
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The Print Server SDK cannot be used on a system that does not have BarTender installed.  The Print Server SDK does not itself contain the print engine, it calls BarTender using ActiveX to perform print operations.  So at present, what you would need to do is one of the following:


1. Use Commander, listening on a TCP socket or watching a directory on the filesystem with a file trigger.  Then on the web server machine, send data to that socket on the print server (or write to the monitored directory).

2. Create some sort of web service running on the print server system where BarTender is installed, using a technology like WCF.  It could accept incoming remote requests and use the Print Server SDK to tell BarTender to print the job.


So it is definitely possible, but not quite as simple as just using the Print Server SDK directly.

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