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I have installed the WebLabelPrint web app on a Windows 2008 Server.  The server is part of a Windows Domain.  Everything about the website seems to work fine except when I try to print.  I get an error stating "There is an error in the Page Setup dialog.  Please fix the problem and try again."  I get the same error no matter which label I try to print.  I even get this error if I try printing one of my personal labels.  I have tried these labels directly from Bartender, and they print fine.


I have created a website using the WebLabelPrint as an example.  If I take a look at the PageSetup of the labelFormat, I see that the "Valid" property is false.  I have looked over all of the settings both from within Bartender, and from the labelFormat object, and I can't see anything that looks wrong.  


Why would these labels print from Bartender, but not from a web hosted app?




Domingo Rodriguez
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This could be a permission issue related to the Web Label Print application pool identity. Please open IIS in Windows Server 2008, choose the application pool under which the Web Label Print sample runs, open the "Advanced Settings", and change the identity. Use different Windows credentials (such as a domain account).


If you're not using an application pool yet, please create one for your Web application.

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