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I’d like to read status from printer Datamax H4212. I use Printer.Status. I write .net application in VS2010 (.Net FW 3.5).

I use, version

Property Printer.Status.Flag is  allways  0, no error, Text = Ready. It doesn’t matter if pause or Head open error is on the printer.



    Dim lcPrn As New Printer(cobPrinters.Text)

    Dim lcPrnSt As PrinterStatus


    lcPrnSt = lcPrn.Status

    tbPrnStFlag.Text = lcPrnSt.Flags

    tbPrnStText.Text = lcPrnSt.Text


    lcPrn = Nothing



What is wrong?

Thanks, Josef


Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello JKA,


If no events are being recieved it might be possible that the printer doesn't support bidirectional communication, although after a fast look at Datamax's webpage I don't think tha is the case.


Please verify the following:


a. You've installed the latest release for the drivers by Seagull (v7.3.3), you can download them from the below webpage:'Neil-windows-printer-drivers.aspx


b. The bidirectional communication is activated on your printer drivers  You can verify this from the driver properties under the "Tools" tab, clicking the "Driver Options..." button and accessing the "Network Settings" tab.


c. Also from the "Tools" tab of the driver properties click on the "Status Monitoring..." button and activate the "Printer Status Monitoring" option under the "Status" tab.


d. Make sure you've installed BarTender's companion application "Printer Maestro" and that its service is running under the "Local System account". Note that the job status events are managed by this service, if it's not running on your system your application won't receive any of the required events.


Regarding your code as with the sample you sent me I'm not sure what might be happening, I've attached our documentation on how to work with print job status events. Please take a look at it and its examples as they might contain clues on what might be going on.


*Note that you can find this information on BarTender's help documentation.

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Hallo Fernando,


thank you for your response. I have tested it. It works.


I have next problem with sending commands to the printer. But I have to make more tests to specify it.


Thanks Josef.

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