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I'm new to bartender. I'm printing shipping information for our pallets. 


My source data is excel file which has 5 columns - Sales Order Number, Customer Name, Design Code, Pallet Size and Pallet Qty.

No problem printing should palletqty is 1.

If PalletQty > 1 i.e 3 then I need to print 3 copies for the same record with palletqty increment by 1 on each print. 


Here is 2 scenarios.


Pallet qty = 1 (print once)

Barcode value = SalesOrderNo + 01 + pallet size 


Pallet qty = 3 (print 3 times)

Barcode value =  SalesOrderNo + 01 + pallet size 

                           SalesOrderNo + 02 + pallet size

                           SalesOrderNo + 03 + pallet size


How could I loop and print out the identical copies but still allow change value (barcode) for incremental purpose?  
My current script on take care of the leading zero for palletqty.
If Field("Sheet1$.PalletQty") < 10 Then
    Value = value + "0" + Field("Sheet1$.PalletQty") + Field("Sheet1$.PalletSize") 
    Value = value + Field("Sheet1$.PalletQty") + Field("Sheet1$.PalletSize")
End If 
Attached sample barcodevalue is 20005_1010378 which 03 means palletqty is 3 and I want to also generate identical printout for  
barcode value:


Domingo Rodriguez
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Why don't you create a bar code which is composed of 3 data sources (which will read from the 3 database fields), then set the second data source to be serialized, and finally via the "File > Print" dialog, press the "Options" button which is on the same line as the "Serial Numbers" field, set it to be data sourced by data base field, and now choose the quantity of labels "field" from your database.


Will this help?

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