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I've created a web app that prints labels based on user input. Everything works great except that the function of printing the BarTender label resets the speed of the Zebra ZM400 printers to 2" per second.


We set it through the web interface to the Zebra printer and save it, but each print command issued through BarTender SDK resets it.


I even used .NET 'StreamWriter' to reset the print speed, and tested it in the IDE to make sure the change in settings were issued, but as soon as the BarTender 'print' command sent the label to the printer, the speed was reset back and the labels printed at the minimum speed.


Is there a method in the BarTender SDK that allows me to issue ZPL commands to the printer prior to printing the label that won't get reset?


Thanks for any help



Domingo Rodriguez
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BarTender also keeps printer related settings as "Document properties". These settings prevail over the default printer settings. You can find these settings by opening your BT document in BarTender, now accessing the "File > Print" dialog and clicking on "Document Properties". Under the "Options" tab you will see the speed settings. If they're not set to "Use Current Printer Settings", you can set them (or specifically set the Print Speed you want).


Please also note that your web application will probably run the BarTender process under a different account than the Windows account you're logged under at the moment. This might also affect how settings are being configured, so you might wish to try to log on under this account and first print directly from BarTender to see how things print.

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