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Hi! I recently created this apps which prints datamatrix (ECC200) barcode and excitedly test it in our department's thermal printer but to my disappointment, application loads too long including printing. I tried to test the bundled SDK samples and it shows the same behavior, fiddled with the printer settings but to no avail. I'm using the BarTender 10.0 SR4 trial version (the software is in 1/1 setup so i temporarily use it in a test PC).


Heres my setup:


Corei3 (Sandy Bridge)

Windows 7 Professional


Visual Basic 2008

Autonics BC-24MES

BarTender Professional 10.0 SR4


Thank you in advance :)


Domingo Rodriguez
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To which printer make and model are you trying to print to? What printer driver (and version) have you installed? Is the printer driver locally installed on the computer from which you're trying to print?


It is a good programming approach to start the BarTender engines (and pre cache the BarTender documents) when the application (or the print module within your application) starts, so that you don't need to do this at print time. At print time, you would just select the pre-cached documents, set the variable information for your label and print. Is that how you've programmed your application?


Furthermore, you might wish to test with our latest BT version, which is BT v10.1 SR1:


Finally, with BT's interface using .NET Framework, you might wish to open IE internet options (running under the Windows account which starts the BT engines), then select the "Advanced" tab and disable the "Check for publisher's certificate revocation". This "check" might be causing a slow start for the BT engine.

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