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We have a Delphi application that manipulates BarTender via an ActiveX interface; When running it on Windows Server, our application must be run as an administrator in order to access certain required resources. However, when a BarTender template has been opened by our software through the ActiveX interface under these circumstances in Windows Server 2008, we receive BarTender message #3345:

Warning Message #3345
Could not save to file:
Please check for file access rights and available disk space.
Retry after corrective action has been taken.

When doing a Save As to the same directory through a manually opened instance of BarTender, the operation works normally. This is almost certainly a problem involving addition security owing to the Administrative access rights of the invoking process, but we are somewhat stumped as to how to afford the automated BT instance suitable access rights.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Domingo Rodriguez
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  1. What are you exactly trying to do via your Delphi application when you receive this message? Are you trying to save the changes done to the BarTender document?
  2. If you would both open the BarTender process started by your Delphi application + the process you manually open and now start the Windows task manager and show processes from all users, are both "bartend.exe" processes running under the same Windows account?
  3. The folder where the BarTender documents have to be written, is this a local folder or a shared network folder?
  4. What Edition, version and build of BarTender is in use?

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