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I'm using a command line to open and print bartender labels, and then deleting the txt. database file used.


I'm having an issue:  After running the command line, the label prints, but the database file does not get deleted.


I've been using this command line for a long time and it never gave me any problems, but now I'm having this issue with all new labels created.


I tried deleting all components to see if any of them are causing this issue but it still didn't solve the problem.

I compared all page layout settings with a BTW. file that does work but i couldn't find any differences.


The only way i got it to work, was by taking a copy of an old file, deleting it's components, changing the layout to size i need, and adding components that i need


The command line I'm using is:"BarTend.exe /P /F=F:\bin\tis01\890\testtest.btw /DD /MIN=SystemTray"

I'm attaching a copy of my txt.database and a simple BTW file that has this issue.


Edition: Automation Single User (Unlimited Printers)
Version: 10.1 SR2
Build: 2945
Os: Windows XP Professional (x86) , SP3


Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Yon,


After taking a look at your forum post and the nature of your issue I've decided to escalate it to a direct contact with us in Seagull Tech Support as it will probably make it easier and faster to solve.


You'll receive an email shortly regarding this issue.



Ryan Kennett
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I am having what I believe is a similar problem, but on a newer version of Bartender Automation.  The /DD is not deleting the source file after print.  Everything else in the integration I have setup and deployed works.

%BTW% /AF="C:\path\to\designfile.btw" /D="%Trigger File Name%" /PRN="printer_name" /R=3 /P /DD
column1, column2
data1, data2

When I try to add a 2nd step in the integration to do a file delete, I can get it to delete the source file, but then it doesn't print, like it got deleted before the print job ran.  I need some sort of sleep command to make sure the delete step isn't happening too quickly, if that is the problem.

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