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Hello. I'm green when it comes to label printing so please bear with me.


I understand from talking to an Intermec tech rep that BarTender has capabilities to do what's known as "XML printing". As it was described to me, I understand the steps to be...


1. Within BarTender (version min. unknown), I would be able to create a label template with data placeholders. 

2. I could then use BarTender upload the template to my PM4i printer (specifics unknown).

3. Then within my ERP application, I would have to code and build a specific XML request string which I can then send to the PM4i over TCP to a specified port (9200). The XML payload would contain the data for the label placeholders as well as specify the label template name. 

4. I do not know if a response would be sent back so that's a topic on which we never touched.


I'm curious if the scenario above is possible and can I get specifics on how to set this up? 


Thank you very much!



Ian Cummings
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This uses the Printer Code Templates feature, see the below white paper:




Note that you'll need a full, activated, Automation edition or above and that the feature is disabled in the Trial edition.


There will be no response back to the ERP from the printer unless you also make some form of FingerPrint app in the printer to do this.  Refer to Intermec on this as FingerPrint apps are out of our scope.

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