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I am having problem using the seagull sdk. I test out the sdk by just making a simple line of code

Engine eng=new Enginer();


This line only works if im making a windows form application, but if I make a class library and add that line of code and create a console app to call my class it doesn't work.

It gives me the error that it cannot find the assembly Seagull.Framework or other dependencies.


I am using visual studio 2008, set target to x86 and .NET 2.0


Domingo Rodriguez
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Please attach the error message for us to examine (use the "More Reply Options" button for this).


What do you mean exactly with "new Enginer()". I suppose you mean "new Engine()"?


Is that C#.Net or VB.Net you're using? 


Have you taken a look at BarTender's documentation (press F1 key from BarTender) on automating BarTender over the .NET SDKs?


What exact Edition, Version and Build of BarTender is in use?


On which version and service pack of Windows are you running?

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