Labelformat.print Waitforcompletiontimeout Not Work Follow

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hi all,

i'm trying to print a format, i set up the timeout in the calling to wait for the result, but:

1. if i set to use the spooler in the windows printer definition, then the labelformat.print returns immediately with success in any case because of the spooler... that's could be ok

2. if i set to print directly to the printer so without using the spooler, then the labelformat.print waits infinitely even if i set up the timeout in the calling...NOT GOOD obviously.


what's the problem?





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Nobody from the support?!

any suggestions?

Shotaro Ito
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Hi gipic,

What printer do you use? Do you use Seagull Printer driver? In that case, try below:

Using Seagull Driver's Status monitor's Job verification, you can receive print completion or printer error from ActiveX / .net SDK.

- Enable bi-directional support from driver's port tab.
- Enable Status monitoring and Job Verification.
  > From Tools Tab > open [Status monitoring].
  On Status tab, Select [On Demand] or [Continuous].
  On Job Verification tab, Select [Verify job complete before sending next job].
- Both computer which run BarTender and print server must install Printer Maestro, and Printer Maestro service must be running.
- Enable print spooler.
After above applied, when you print from BarTender, Printer Maestro's recent job shows printed job as Sent(printing verified).
When above works, try "Click Print" sample installed with the SDK (timout's set to 10000 (10secs) in the sample.)

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