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Is there a way to change the starting number for a serialized label using the sdk?  Here is our scenario:


The client will typically print a set of serialized labels, say 1 through 100 with the current label number as a printed field in the label.  They may however need to reprint a subset of the serialized labels (say 90-100).  I can change the total number to print via the NumberOfSerializedLabels property but I don't see a way to change the starting number.  The reason the client needs to do this is because they are in a regulated environment (medical device) and any labels that are printed and not used need to be accounted for.  If they need to reprint SOME of the labels for some reason, they don't want to reprint the whole 100 again to get the desired subset of labels.


The client is using our own application, integrated with BarTender via the SDK, to enter some dynamic information that needs to be included in the labels.  If they need to reprint a subset, we would like them to be able to enter a starting number and a total number of labels to print in our front-end.






Ian Cummings
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It sounds like you'd be better off making use of the BarTender System Database to record all print jobs that get produced, and then if needed make use of the BarTenderPrintJob.Reprint(String, String, String, Boolean, ReprintRange) method found under the Seagull.BarTender.SystemDatabase namespace.  See the BarTender Help file for more information.  In this way you don't have to mess around with the actual document file itself changing any of its data.


And by the way, to set a data source value on the label design you would first define a name for the data source in BarTender, and then from your code you'd use the SubStrings.SetSubString() method found under the Seagull.BarTender.Print namespace.


*Note that a "sub-string" is the old name we used for what is now an individual data source.

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