An Image Error Occurred: Function Not Successful Follow


Hi all,


An error is being raised by the Task engine when printing, and I would appreciate some further about it..


The error message is "An image error occurred:  Function not successful".


Help appreciated....


Domingo Rodriguez
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  1. What Edition, version and build of BarTender is in use?
  2. To which printer make and model are you printing to? What printer driver (and version) have you installed for this printer?
  3. What Windows version and service pack is in use?
  4. Please attach a screenshot of the error message (if there is a detailled error message, then include the detailled information).
  5. Do you know at which line of the code this exception occurs.
  6. Paste the part of the source code which involves starting BT engines, opening BT documents, printing...
  7. Attach the BarTender document (.btw) you're trying to print.
  8. Do you get this error each time you try to print, or is this a random issue?

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