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We have an application that uses the SDK to change the substring values of bartender labels programmatically and it works great.  Now, our client needs printed labels to contain special symbols from the "FontAwesome" typeface, which is an open source typeface.  We have installed that typeface on the server and can successfully print the extended characters in a label when they are set manually via the Bartender client application.


However when we try to set the Substring value using the SDK to a string that contains that extended character, it prints a box instead of the real character.  The way we are passing the extended character to the Substring is like this (via


   btFormat.SubStrings("SubstringName1").Value = Char.ConvertFromUtf32(System.Convert.ToUInt16("F004", 16))


The above line is intended to print the typeface's extended character represented by hex value F004


Note that if we use the same line to pass a standard character such as "0055", which is an upper case U, it prints fine.


Also tried the following, all of which are equivalent to the above:

  btFormat.SubStrings("SubstringName1").Value = ChrW(System.Convert.ToUInt16("F004", 16))

  btFormat.SubStrings("SubstringName1").Value = ChrW("&HF004")


This is actually the same thing as trying to send one of the extended asian characters to the SubString value which I'm sure someone, somewhere is doing successfully, so  have to believe that it is possible.


Any and all help would be appreciated.




UPDATE.  Ok, the code works fine.  The problem seems to be with the label and/or the typeface as we were able to print extended characters with another typeface without any problems

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