The Printer (Sato Gl408E) Cannot Cut Each Label Follow

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I want to print labels with the conditions tafeta cut every 1 label. The script below just cut the last label in the label.
Where should I add or change the program code so the printer can cut every 1 label?
We use SATO GL408e printer with Bartender 10.0 template label
Can anyone help me?
this is my script 
Public Sub tafeta1(ByVal cbrand As String, ByVal cbahasa1 As String, ByVal cbahasa2 As String, ByVal cbahasa3 As String, _
          ByVal cbahasa4 As String, ByVal cbahasa5 As String, ByVal cQty As String)
        If cbrand = "" Or cbahasa1 = "" Or cbahasa2 = "" Or cbahasa3 = "" Or cbahasa4 = "" Or cbahasa5 = "" Or cQty = "" Then
            MsgBox("Data belum lengkap !!", MsgBoxStyle.Critical)
            Exit Sub
        End If
            Using btnEngine As New Engine(True)
                Dim namafile As String = Application.StartupPath + "\Barcode\tafeta\" & cbrand & "\tafeta1.btw"
                Dim lbl As LabelFormatDocument = btnEngine.Documents.Open(namafile)
                lbl.PrintSetup.PrinterName = cboprinter.Text
                lbl.SubStrings("simbol").Value = kumpulan
                lbl.SubStrings("bahasa1").Value = cbahasa1
                lbl.SubStrings("bahasa2").Value = cbahasa2
                lbl.SubStrings("bahasa3").Value = cbahasa3
                lbl.SubStrings("bahasa4").Value = cbahasa4
                lbl.SubStrings("bahasa5").Value = cbahasa5
                lbl.PrintSetup.IdenticalCopiesOfLabel = CInt(cQty)
                Dim hasil As Result = lbl.Print()
            End Using
        Catch ex As Exception
            nilaibar(100, 100, "Done.")
        End Try
    End Sub


The printer was sett properly (cutter every 1 label) in propertis and default references,  but when we use the program (script) the printer cut the label only the end of label.


So, what is wrong in my code (above) ?


Where should I add or change the program code so the printer can cut every 1 label?


I've tried that code put in the looping (hoping the label can be cut one by one) , such :


for x = 1 to (nqty_label)

       tafeta1(.......)  ' calling the sub procedure 

       ' in the sub tafeta1,  line " lbl.PrintSetup.IdenticalCopiesOfLabel = CInt(cQty)" replace by "Cint(1)"



but the result remains the same problem,  So please help me


Thanks a lot before



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