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I have a simple app that does everything I need it to do accept Print.  I can get a print preview just fine.  I can traverse through my labels in my app just fine as well.

When I try to print my label I get a printer error.


This may end up being an issue with the Kiaro Printer itself but in case anyone else experienced this problem perhaps you could let me know.


I am using the .NET SDK and simply using the template.print("") command.  Which does send the job to the printer.


The license server is running (we have the enterprise version of the software, unlimited install for 3 printers).

I have uploaded the newest version of BarTender (


When the print job starts I instantly get a message from the printer stating:

data mismatch (Error 7104).


I then have to manually clear the error on the printer side and nothing really happens after that.


Not ruling out a printer error - Just wanted to see if anyone had the same sort of issue while i try and sort this out.


I was hoping to see a Seagul Driver for the Kiaro printer (QuickLabel) but they don't have one specifically for that model.




Ian Cummings
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This sounds like a driver problem, perhaps you need to check the printing preferences config.  For now I suggest you test with BarTender running manually as a visible application as this will have nothing to do with automation.  Note that print settings should be made via the BarTender Print dialog and then click the "Document Properties" button.  Make the settings you need click OK, Close the Print dialog and then save the document to retain those print settings for future use with the document.

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