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I'm little bit struggling with getting appropriate preview image file, that I can use later in my application for showing (in pictureBox) users how their label will look like.


I have a lot of layouts connected to SQL database and this is my approach:


 private Engine btEngine = new Engine(); //BT engine instances
 private string path = string.Empty; //path for storing label preview
 private LabelFormatDocument btFormat = null; //declaration of label format
btEngine.Start(); //start BT engine
btFormat = btEngine.Documents.Open(labelData.Layout); //open appropriate layout
 btFormat.DatabaseConnections.QueryPrompts["RecordNo"].Value = order.LabelNo; //promp query
 path = Path.GetTempFileName(); //set path to temporary image file
 btFormat.ExportImageToFile(path, ImageType.JPEG, Seagull.BarTender.Print.ColorDepth.ColorDepth24bit, new Resolution(575, 270), OverwriteOptions.Overwrite); //export image preview file
 previewPictureBox.ImageLocation = path; //set picture in picture box
btEngine.Stop(); //stop BT engine

Everything is working just fine, but I'm ending with image that is not prompt, all i can get is preview of general layout - not filled with data from database. The result is the same just like if I'll use LabelFormatThumbnail which is not what I want.


Could you please help me solve this tricky situation?



Thanks in advance!


Shotaro Ito
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Legacy Poster
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Method ExportPrintPreviewToFile() is working perfectly.


Thank you.

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