Can I Add Jobs From .net Sdk That Will Show In Reprint Console Follow


I have the Automation License.  


I would like to know if it is possible to write my print jobs to the local system database so that a reprint could be done.  


I have just started to play with the .net SDK and have created my first sample app printing labels from a List(of objects) but I would like to be able to have these "jobs" be saved to the system database so that the users could do a reprint from the Reprint Console.  When I look at the docs, it looks like I can only "Get" from the system database via the SDK.





Ian Cummings
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The Automation edition does support the BarTender System Database (BTSDB) for recording print jobs, and making them available for reprinting.  Note that the Automation edition only allows for a local BTSDB, it won't allow you to connect to a centralized BTSDB over the LAN; for that you would need the Enterprise Automation edition.

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