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We have been experiencing this countless times in-house. Strangely, I do not get many calls from customers about it (as a reseller).

For some reason, fields on our label design will be set to "Do not print" under the general tab of their properties. This causes a lot of confusion when going to run our printers or create print previews. Fortunately, most of our designers have seen it enough now to know where to look, but I can't figure out why it is happening.

Could this be something affecting fields from a previous version? We have thousands of formats saved going back god-knows how many versions. I can't seem to replicate the "do not print" issue - it just pops up when it does. Anyone else have an idea of what is causing it?


Ian Cummings
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As a guess, are you using the original release of v9.40 build 2749? If yes then download the latest service release from the below link as this is likely to be a known bug that we have since fixed.


It might be necessary to open any labels that have been affected/modified already, deselect the "Do Not Print" checkbox and then resave. In general though this will only be needed on a few label formats that were edited in the initial v9.40 release.

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