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Having issues adding data to a PDF417 barcode and making the barcode print on label.

I have selected the PDF417, and edited the properties to add fields
I have two kinds of data in barcode, static (text), and Database

I'm not sure if I'm not entering the data correctly or what (NoOb)

Have the source selected as "Visual Basic Script", with Multi-Line Script
(might be the problem)

Here is an example of what I have in the script assistant...
(the first 3 lines are Static text, and All start with an Identifier code, except Origin)

'value = "DT" + "Getting Place 600 MyStreet. Hometown, Ks 67547"
'value = "Origin - US"
'value = "V" + "BR549"
'value = "P" + Field("V_BI_BIN_LABELS.CUST_PART")
'value = "Q" + FieldField("V_BI_BIN_LABELS.QUANTITY")
'value = "K" + Field("V_BI_BIN_LABELS.CUST_PO")

I know this isn't a script as it is more of database fields,
How do I enter this info into bartender as a PDF417 barcode?

We are using BarTender 8.01 Enterprise




Shotaro Ito
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Hi Fubr,
Actually BarTender can have multiple database field in a barcode datasource.
In Datasource tab, click [Advanced] at right bottom to show advanced datasource dialog. From substring list in left pane, you can add several substrings to assign database field and screen data.
(In BarTender 10, substrings is renamed to data sources.)

Besides if you need to use VBScript for some reason, I would do like this in VB Script Source - Multiline.
Value = ""
value = Value & "DT" & "Getting Place 600 MyStreet. Hometown, Ks 67547"
value = Value & "Origin - US"
value = Value & "V" & "BR549"
value = Value & "P" & Field("V_BI_BIN_LABELS.CUST_PART")
value = Value & "Q" & Field("V_BI_BIN_LABELS.QUANTITY")
value = Value & "K" & Field("V_BI_BIN_LABELS.CUST_PO")
Hope that helps.
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Sorry for that ,maybe , a PDF-417 Barcode Generator for ASP.NET can be helped.
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.NET Winforms PDF-417 Generator ( easy to integrate in C#, VB .NET Windows applications. PDF-417 barcode can be generated and created in .NET programs with Windows Forms DLLS or controls. It is compatible with the latest ISO PDF-417 barcode standard.
Hope it helps.

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