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Hi All

sorry if this has been asked before but I am very new to BT and I am no VB expert!

So I have established a link to a simple excel sheet at the moment as below:

[b]PART No: Description: FREQ:[/b]
12345 Model 1 50
15432 Model 2 60
58945 Model 3 50

I want to be able to select a model number from a drop down list when printing (via Data Entry form) which will auto-fill the description and freq field there will be a few fields for the user to type and then print.

Can anyone HELP please



Shotaro Ito
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Hi ndavill,

In print dialog, queried records, select [Selected at Print-time]. so record selection dialog will be shown at print time.
If your database doesn't have much records, this option would works.

In case you have many records, Use Query prompt.
You can type in Key (such as PART No) to pull specific record.
In database setup, query tab, create condition like below.
Field | Operator | Criteria
PARTNo | = | New prompt..
Once you create a query prompt, at print time a small asks you to input Key, and print records only match with Query result.
However - this query prompt doesn't have dropdown list.
I've added drop down on query prompt to our feature wish list.
Legacy Poster
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Any progress on this?  I'd like to use a feature like that.

Shotaro Ito
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Not at the moment, but I understand the importance of this request. I'm adding you as one more count for this wish list.

Meanwhile - one option is use dropdown list in data entry form, sourced by VB Script.



I recon this is a bit too complicated and wanted to have such GUI feature in record selection / data entry too.

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