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I have a request for a certain customer to provide a barcoded part number that consists of other components on the label. Prefix|PN|QTY|UniqueID. The issue I'm having is the QTY field. It's being pulled in as a decimal value from our database as the default, and then it can be changed at the time of label print. The issue is that this can vary from 1 digit to 6 depending on the product. The QTY component on the barcode must be a 6 digit character.


The only way I can see to ensure that the QTY component is a 6 digit character is to make it type Text. But I also need for this to show as a number elsewhere on the label. I set it up to display correctly by linking the component to the object value, but when I go to print I get the prompt for each label that the number doesn't match the Character length and needs to be padded.


So is there anyway to properly reference the input field in two areas with two different data types? Or ideas about how I can accomplish what I need? 


My workaround is I just disabled the warning for not hitting the minimum character limit


Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Sawnmax77,


What you are doing is not actually a workaround, but an appropriate solution in itself. Note that the warning is only meant to appear on those cases you wish to know WHEN the minimum characters are not being respected. In your case, where in most cases you'll want BarTender to add a number of characters the warning message should be disabled.


In any case, if you wish to receive the quantity data as text instead of a numeric value you probably need to modify it in your actual database. Generally a database will allow you to specify the type of data a field contains; but if you are working with Excel that won't be the case,


On this last situation you will need to "fool" Excel to thing that the field in question contains text. This is done by adding an apostrophe character ['] at the beginning of the first few records (5-10 first records). This character will not be sent as part of the data, but will force Excel to label such field as text.


*Note that Excel uses the data on the first few records to label what type of data will be contained on each field.



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