Pdf Image As External File Changes The Colors Sometimes Follow

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On our Bartender Applications ( Automation 10.0 SR2 & 10.0 SR4 ) we noticed in some cases that a linked PDF file is printed completely with transformed colors. The picture in the PDF itself is already blurry, but Bartender covers this picture with 1 color instead of the blurry picture. I do not have any setting I can change.


* I tried to print to different Printers ( PDF printers, Inkjet Printers ) but they all print the same

* If i Print the PDF outside of Bartender I get the correct print.

* I use the PDF as a External Picture File in my Bartender Layout, combined with a vb Script to retrieve the specific PDF file on a network share

* When I just copy paste the PDF File as an Embedded picture it is also transformed already.


Anyone knows what the reason and solution can be ?



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