Changing Orientation Of Ghs Symbols Follow

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I am printing labels using your GHS compliance sample template labels.  For our typical horizontal labels adapting the sample templates to our labels is fairly simple.  However, we also use labels that are fed vertically through printer and I am running into a problem regarding the orientation of the GHS symbols.  When I setup the label to print on the vertical labels everything is fine except the GHS symbols still print as if the label was horizontal.  There doesn't seem to be a setting in the sample template that will allow me to rotate the symbols 90°.  So, is there a way to rotate the symbols 90°?


                We are currently using Bartender version 10.1 SR2 and the label printers we use are Datamax O'neill I-Class Mark II.  Also, I have some experience in programming but no experience working with visual basic.  Thanks in advance.

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