Adding Rfid Encoder Makes Printer Print 2 Labels Follow

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I am just a few hours into trying to get an RFID prototype.  My setup is as follows; 


Bartender 10.0 SR4 Automation edition

Postek TX6r printer using Seagull POSTEK PPL Driver ver7.4

Alien ALN-9662 tag on 85mm x 55mm label.

ThingMagic USB Plus+ to read the tags.


As soon as I added an RFID encoder object, I started getting two labels printed for every one label I tried printing.   And nothing seems to be encoded on either label.


I have tried both encoding the user memory with text data and I have tried encoding the EPC segment choosing the SGTIN-64 data type with all the default data.  I don't get anything encoded.... I just get an extra label.


If I delete the encoder, back to 1 label.


Am I missing something?


Ian Cummings
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Perhaps you need to open up the printer options of the RFID properties and configure the position of the tag or something along these lines.

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