Changing Qty On The Last Serial Label Follow

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I have created a Serial label based on qty by sales order. Working fine. Label x of Y


Let me clarify

[Item] [Total Qty] [InnerBox]

Item1    20               10

Item2    24               10



and the labels printed would be:


Item1      1 of 2  QtyBox_Item1: 10

Item1      2 of 2  QtyBox_Item1: 10


Item2      1 of 3  QtyBox_Item2: 10

Item2      2 of 3  QtyBox_Item2: 10

Item2      3 of 3  QtyBox_Item2: 4


I'm taking the Inner record from my DB, for Item1 is 10 and for Item 2 is 10 as well. However the total qty for item2 is not divisible by 10. So the remaining qty on the last box for item 2 should be 4.


Please help






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