Help With Form And Checkboxes Follow


Hello I have a simple drug label that is connected to a database:

The Database Fields are:








I have created a form (attached) that works great when I do the print preview but I have two questions


Question numbers one:

On my label I have a text box for "Instructions" and I am wondering if there is a way at print time I can have the user select maybe a check box that would change the Instructions to pull data from either Usage1 or Usage2 in the database. I feel like an If Then statement but I am new to VB scripting. 



Question number two:

When I select the fields on the form during print preview is there a way to type additional information that is not in the database. Like if I need to change a phone number on the fly for instance. 


Any help would be much appreciated






Ian Cummings
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Yes the use of a VB script could be used to test the value of the check box and then set the value if the Instructions text object accordingly.  you'd probably need to set this up as a VB script contained in that object to set the value directly.  Note that this will not show up in the template preview in the data entry form at print time.  That sort of functionality, derived from VB script, is not currently supported.


Yes, set the prompting frequency to be for something like "each copy" or "each record" instead of just at the start of the print job.

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