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(Using 2016 version)


I would like to select a database record using the data entry form to populate two fields on a label.


Then I would like to select a record (on data entry form) from an unrelated database in order to populate three more fields on the label.


Whenever I try to use more than one database, bartender requires that I link them.


I'm only trying to populate fields on the fly in a data entry form, so why would I be required to link the fields?


Could someone explain a better design option? I'm not able to use drop down because it's only compose of 1 field.


As an example I have a part number and a description. I need a single drop down box that would populate the part number and description in two different fields.



Anyway, I hope someone understands my confusion and shed some light on this.






Ian Cummings
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You can have only one connection for your main database data sourcing, although this connection can be for a relational database.  You can also link to other database tables for a loop-up list item.

Legacy Poster
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Yes reading the fine print, I discovered  that the data picker can only be used for one database, unlike the drop down boxes. So I used two drop downs for my first two fields and then the datapicker for the remainder.

Although as far at the software design goes, I don't see why it's necessary to only restrict it to one main data source.

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