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I'm relatively new to using Bartender and I'm currently using v.2016 Professional but am having issues setting up a multiple serialization file.


I've got a data entry form for the operators to fill in that requires the following input which determines the serialization.


  • No. of drops: (e.g. 20) - the serial number will be counting down from 0020 to 0001)
  • No. of lanes: (e.g. 3) - this is converted to letters: e.g. 1=A, 2=B, 3=C - this is added on to the number of above.

I also need to print 3x copies of each label/serialization a time.. so the sequence using the example above would run:


0020A (3x labels) then 0020B (3x labels) then 0020C (3x labels) - And then have the number serial kick in.. so the next sequence would be 0019A (3x labels), 0019B (3x labels), 0019C (3x labels), then on to 0018A etc etc. - so 180 labels based on the no. of drops + lanes.


For the life of me I cannot seem to get this to work.. is this even possible?



Thanks in advance for any help/insight that might be offered.






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109 views to my initial query but no replies.. does this mean it's not possible?? :(

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Setup up your data field (embedded) with a value of 0020 then go to Transforms and Serialisation.


Set the field to


  • Decrement 
  • Preserve the number of characters
  • Decrement by 1 with an Event Interval of 3
  • (either on here or on the File>Print screen set the number of Copies per Serial Number to 3)


next click on the Reset Tab and adjust the settings so that


  • When the Value of 0001 is reached
  • the field Resets to 0020
  • click OK to set these parameters


Next use the icon on the bottom right of the Text Properties box to add a new Data Source and make this Embedded Data as well giving this a starting value of A


Now again on the Transforms>Serialisation tab


  • Increment by 1 every 1 Event interval 
  • and on the reset screen, when C is reached, reset to A
  • Click Ok to finish and that should be it (as long as you set the Copies to 3 as above) and so to print the full run, set the number of serial number labels to 60 

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