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What does this statement do and what does the string "BarTender.Application.6" do ?

btapp = (BarTender.Application)Marshal.GetActiveObject(BarTender.Application.6");

I fixed a bug in my program by changing the 6 to a 9.

What did I do ?

And where can I find the SDK documentation?



Ian Cummings
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The number at the end explicitly refers to the version of the BarTender application class. If you just leave it off altogether then the application class used will be the one that is currently registered on your system.

You will find a full reference to both the COM and .NET component (if you have a supporting version) interface in the BarTender Help system under the "Automating BarTender" topic.

Note that the .NET SDK's are an optional installation option, so you will need to choose a custom install and select the component to install.

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